Dielectric MicroSpacer Technology

What is the innovation? DMS = Dielectric MicroSpacer technology Dielectric MicroSpacers solve the technical problem of establishing a fixed and stable physical gap of few micrometers (up to 10 m) between two flat surfaces at very different temperature (i.e. hundreds of Celsius degrees) with electrical insulation Microstructures are dielectric, thus ensuring also:

  • electrical insulation between the surfaces and
  • thermal insulation when surfaces have to operate at different temperatures DMS is based on the development of microstructures which can be arranged according to a periodic and/or any desired design
  • Since the 60s, efficiency of thermal-to-electric energy converters was limited to 10-15% throwing away an additional 20-60% DMS allows the conversion of heat close to the ideal conditions: conversion efficiency increases from +50 to +250%, thus establishing a significant technological competitive advantage

    DMS is a brand new technology, with the most performing solution. DMS is characterized by: deposition temperature close to room temperature -> standard microtechnology tools; high lateral and vertical resolution (down to tens of nanometers); the low lateral size reduces drastically the contact area, thus minimizing the thermal flow between the two separated surfaces; Made of material with excellent electrical and thermal insulation, as well as able to sustain operations at very high temperature; upscaling of the technology on large surfaces

    Project Coordinator

    Daniele M. Trucchi



    CNR - ISM - DiaTHEMA Lab


    Developed by the public research center CNR and the hi-tech SME Ionfly VPT, the technology could solve problems of hardware developers working in high temperature electric applications, energy conversion, electronics, automotive, etc.

    H2020 - FET Innovation Launchpad - FETOPEN-04-2016-2017
    Grant Agreement: 754568, Call: H2020 - FET ILP, Budget: 100,000 Period: 01/04/2017-30/09/2018